Marvel: Classic Cosplay, widow sister is more beautiful than this person, but Spider-Man is average!

Everyone knows that the heroes in the Marvel universe are all from comics. Since it is a character in a comic, it is natural that there will be countless fans to imitate it, called “Cosplay”. And the author found that some fans of Cosplay are more interesting, now follow the editor to take a look! […]

Deadpool is expected to appear in Marvel in advance, no longer waiting for “Deadpool 3”!

This is a long process, and it sounds like a Deadpool has finally joined the Marvel movie universe. According to reliable news, the Deadpool will debut in a Marvel movie in 2021! Before March of this year, whether it was Deadpool, Wolverine or X-Men, the copyright of these characters was owned by Fox Pictures, not […]

Invites you to Fun cartoon Star City

The summer vacation came to the annual Changsha International Anime Game Show! July 6, 2019 Changsha International Animation Game Show will be held in Hunan Province Exhibition Center. It is reported that the exhibition gathered a number of outstanding community to showcase their latest original animation work. Unique animation and creative market, the first universities […]

The pseudo Mother strikes Cos Cos competition interpretation of a man on the other side of the game of love

Whether the game or the animation, there is no lack of aesthetics and the beautiful role. Both girls are beautiful, moderate and weak guys … in this age of male and female auditions, based on the game and the activities of Cosplay animation of development, but also more jobs of gender conversion. The love game […]

You are the star of “Love Game” the CosPlay cover contest today to open

Abstract: The the CosPlay cover contest organized by the China Telecom “Love Games” in the first quarter officially kicked off the competition is committed to building an all the CosPlay fans to participate, share the happiness of the grand game. June 12 organized by the nation’s top mobile gaming platform – China Telecom “love game” […]

Stars passion interpretation of the Blizzard campus line perfect ending

In the afternoon of June 10, 2012 Blizzard campus-line activities Wujiaochang Wanda Plaza in Shanghai, a perfect ending. By people Huang Sky, and the national team Loner cover brother team of pros, well-known creator of the “World of Warcraft” team composed by the right and sometimes death, sexy corn, apples, cattle, milk tea, Superman, and […]