Who are the Cosplay circles playing?

Nowadays, the culture of Cosplay is becoming more and more popular. No matter where you can see the appearance of Coser, such as electric competitions, animation exhibitions, etc., there will be a large number of Coser in places where there are cartoon characters.

culture of Cosplay

Coser’s arguments are mixed, and there are even many rumors about the entire COS circle. Many people think that Coser is aiming for happiness and happiness. All Coser can find some valuable confidants in this circle. After all, many people In the eyes, Coser is a group of “non-mainstream” and “killing Matt”, or a group of people whose brains are not normal.

culture of Cosplay

In fact, the culture of Cos is very popular in many places. It is not so “stained” in everyone’s imagination. Coser’s aesthetic is different from many people, and there is no “brain”. Many people just think that Cos’s clothes are beautiful and go to Cos. This is “disguise Cosplay.”

There are a lot of “women’s big bangs” in the circle of Cos. I believe that many people have experienced it personally. After putting on some “freakish” clothes, even in reality, “the big man” will instantly become tender and watery, even It can really be fake.

culture of Cosplay

“Women’s Daxie” has a very high position in the Cos circle, basically similar to the “king” level. For Coser, the requirements are relatively high. Basically, except for the sound, all the places must be infinitely close to the girl, even more than the female. Children are more “pretending”!

However, there will be problems in the circle of “women’s big bangs”. In this circle, there will be “gay and basics”. Although many people in the circle have avoided and denied this problem, it does exist.

culture of Cosplay

In fact, many people in the entertainment circle are also famous in the Cos circle. For example, Wang Junkai, the captain of TFBoys, his current famous course should be described as “sweet history”, and the black powder has brought the hat of “sucking boy”. After that, I also experienced the impact of the “no filial son, worship gold” storm, and now I finally got out of the way, mixed with the wind and water.

In a variety show, Wang Junkai showed his Cos’s superb skills, the flawless facial features and the hairstyle of the next-door girl. Many girls present felt that there was no Wang Junkai “meng”, and even felt that Wang Junkai did not reincarnate. The girl lost the “this face.” As long as the part of the larynx is removed, it is a living “wild loli”.

Cosplay itself is a relatively small hobby. In the eyes of many people, it is an “alternative” existence, just like people who play rock music will always appreciate people who can’t sing folk songs.

It is true that there are some people in this Cos circle who are full of “ghosts”. They use the name of “Fuji Ji” to do some devious activities, and even put some “dirty” things on the publicity, which makes the whole Cos circle It is filthy in the eyes of the world.

In fact, most of Coser is still more compliant, not acceptable at all scales. For example, some three-point clothing is absolutely forbidden. However, there are still a number of Coser who have no lower limit in order to pursue their profits. Some people even sell their own bodies. In order to exchange for the famous opportunity, the “photographing” of this kind of photography alone will also lead to a group of corruption. The people of Cos Circle reputation.

Now the threshold of the Cos circle is very low. As long as there are some costumes of the ancient style or game characters, others will think that you are an entry-level Coser. Many anchors have gradually joined the Cos circle in order to increase the effect of the program. Some private life chaos anchors Cos will be used to attract popularity, and even the role of “selling meat” will also “do not hesitate.” At some public exhibitions, these “selling meat” Cos will deliberately set up some “strong kiss” plots to attract more fans with this gimmick.

The threshold of the age of the people in the circle is slowly decreasing, and even some minors will be “mistaken”. As Coser has become the “helping sister” news, everyone must have heard it. Some of the anchors of Cos, who have less clothing, will become a hot topic of discussion.

Now casually check out some news about the Cos circle, which is full of filthy confidence. Although it can make some unruly people “bloody”, it is a phenomenon that destroys the Cos circle and makes the Cos circle exposure. As you get higher, you will also “smear” the Cos circle.

There are also some Coser who do not follow the “rules” directly to their own meat and bargain code, this phenomenon is relatively small in the Cos circle, but it does exist. These people are ignorant of the Cos culture, even if the clothing is bare, no matter who Cos does not need to know, this is the standard “pseudo Coser”.

In addition, there are some people in Coser who really love these cultures. They can’t be confused with those who are selling meat. These people are all acting like their favorite cartoon characters. They want to link their favorite animations. In real life, it is purely because of personal hobbies.

Cai Luoli, this Coser is more positive energy. “Ten loli is nine rich, and one is Cai Loli.” I believe everyone has heard that Cai Loli basically appears as Coser when she is “faceless” and simply uses her own Cos clothes to show the culture of the Cos circle.

This kind of real Coser, seeing his favorite characters being “moved” into real life, that kind of happiness and satisfaction is like a painter admiring his own works. At present, most of the domestic Coser are “replicating” some Japanese anime characters, so that “filming” can be used as a tribute to the cartoon characters.

For the people who really love Cos culture, love the house and the Ukrainian is the best description, not only to connect Cosplay to real life, but even to brainwash their thoughts.

When all the Coser get together, they often discuss a series of things about the surrounding of animation. Some of the more “high-level” Coser will even shoot micro-movies themselves, promoting the “Cos” of the Cos culture!

Cos circle is not only supported by Coser, but also some fans who like to collect hands. “Hands are full of walls, four rings and one suite”. This sentence is the most realistic description. Many of the prices are free. It’s not uncommon for a person to do tens of thousands of things. Those who have the ability to collect hands, not only mines, but also Jinshan and Yinshan.

In the mainstream Cos circle, basically there are some high-playing scenes. These people not only put the costumes in place, but also even have some “fanatic powder”. In order to restore the cartoon characters as much as possible, they will spend a lot of money to face up! For example, in order to imitate the “Clown Girl – Harry Quinn”, many people have turned not only the hair color into “forgiveness green”, but also the basic operation.

For different groups of Cos circles, Cos may be a means of chasing after the name, or it may be a belief that you love. After all, the Cos culture is now deeply rooted in China. There are many birds in the forest, so it is necessary to treat this culture ideally. You can’t overdo it as a “brain residue” and you can’t make the Cos circle “dirty”. After all, this is also A respect for the serious Coser.