Invites you to Fun cartoon Star City

The summer vacation came to the annual Changsha International Anime Game Show! July 6, 2019 Changsha International Animation Game Show will be held in Hunan Province Exhibition Center. It is reported that the exhibition gathered a number of outstanding community to showcase their latest original animation work. Unique animation and creative market, the first universities in Hunan original animation works competition, to attract the eyes third COSPLAY contest, Shanghai Media Cyber ​​Games match-ups, and exciting game competitive. Animation enthusiasts may wish this summer Fun cartoon Star City!

Changsha, animation and game industry started in the early 1990s, is the early development of one of the animation and game industry in the city, known as the “Chinese original animation pioneer” reputation. At present, Changsha animation industry is entering a transition period of development, started from the simple pursuit of the production change to the pursuit of brand and quality. 2019 Changsha International Anime Game Show is a cultural exhibition projects of Hunan Province, Congress focused on the promotion, Hunan Province, Changsha Municipal Government attaches great importance. Show after two years of development, is widely recognized by society, stand out more than 60 similar exhibition competition, and success among the five national cartoon show, the central region of the most influential animation game event.

This year, the exhibition will organize the implementation of 12 of the four sections of the exhibition, forums, competitions, activities, exhibitors will be covered by the original animation, animation education animation derivatives, animation theater performances, mobile phone animation and online games, video games board games, digital applications, fully integrated animation and game industry chain resources. At the same time, the scale of events and activities continue to expand to enhance the original animation competition for Chinese students, the central region, cosplay contest, eSports Masters Tournament and other events are to achieve the expansion and quality, the exhibition will create a brand-new animation and game carnival.

Attachment: Changsha International Anime Game Show 2019 activities

An original animation enterprises and image display (July 6 to 9)

Second, the online games site promotion (July 6 to 9)

Cartoon derivative products sale (July 6 to 9)

Fourth, the first college students original animation works competition-cum-theater into the campus (in progress)

V. Cyber ​​Games (July 6 to 9 days)

VI Central COSPLAY Competition (July 6 to 9 days)

Seven, sun and entertainment arcade section (July 6 to 9 days)

Animation and Culture Week activities (July 6 to 9)

Nine animation production platform for the public open day (July 6 to 9)

10, well-known cartoonist site signings (July 6 to 9 days)

11, the Seventh Chinese cell phone animation game contest awards ceremony (July 6)

12, show events and activities over the same period presentation ceremony (July 9)