Marvel: Classic Cosplay, widow sister is more beautiful than this person, but Spider-Man is average!

Everyone knows that the heroes in the Marvel universe are all from comics. Since it is a character in a comic, it is natural that there will be countless fans to imitate it, called “Cosplay”. And the author found that some fans of Cosplay are more interesting, now follow the editor to take a look!

First iron man

Iron Man’s Cosplay looks more general. After all, it is just an amateur. There is no professional Iron Man’s Mark steel armor, so it looks very ordinary. And it looks like a toy, but being able to make such a model is already amazing!

Captain America

Captain America Cosplay is made by a beauty, so it looks more attractive. And this beauty is from Australia. Her long blond hair and blue eyes are very beautiful! So Caps America’s Cosplay is more successful!

Third Scarlet Witch

The one on the right is the Cosplay of the Scarlet Witch, and the one on the left is the North Star, one of the five fighters of the Black Knight. They are all extremely beautiful women and they are very much liked. And the crimson witch on the right seems more beautiful than Elizabeth Olsen!

Fourth black widow

Black Widow’s Cosplay is very difficult, after all, the prototype’s figure and appearance are too good! And this widow’s Cosplay is more successful. She does not rely on her figure at all, but depends on her temperament to win. I even think it’s more beautiful than Scarlett!

Fifth spiderman

Spider-Man Cosplay is also often seen, and there are always some people wearing Spider-Man costumes to attract attention everywhere. And this Spider-Man’s COS posture and movement are better, the only thing that does not look good is equipment. Do you feel this way?