The pseudo Mother strikes Cos Cos competition interpretation of a man on the other side of the game of love

Whether the game or the animation, there is no lack of aesthetics and the beautiful role. Both girls are beautiful, moderate and weak guys … in this age of male and female auditions, based on the game and the activities of Cosplay animation of development, but also more jobs of gender conversion. The love game cover contest Cosplay, a considerable number of pseudo-mother works. For this phenomenon, I had the honor of interviewing a game of love Cosplay City Cover Contest known Coser Ambassadors Shock, the interpretation of a different kind of story is a pseudo-mother.

Bump in the circle cos has been known as the “Jiangnan first pseudo-mother”, as Cosplay contest “love game” ambassadors of the cover city, pseudo-mother cosplay gives its own points of view: “I hope we can have an open mind., respect and understanding this genre cosplay conversion activity as the ‘Coser centric’ philosophy supported by the “love game” Cosplay cover contest, only to support Coser’s autonomous choice can really promote the development of China Cosplay .

In fact, a few years ago, mom pseudo wave Cosplay is not like now it is strong and prosperous, a lot of Coser or exclusion of a pseudo-mother, it was the impact is also true. But thanks to a big fan of strong demand, just to hit start the first attempt of a pseudo-mother Cos, although some are reluctant However, in order to meet the needs of the fans, or swallow the toad and force yourself to adapt to this “Belief” feeling. They have the power of “oppression” Sure enough, sometimes people still need to be forced to just exposure to nature.

But I don’t think the real body of the pseudo-mother Sissy Coser tweaking, full of usual male impact, is a nice guy, and a completely different look in front of the camera, all this change attributed to the strong effectiveness of make-up. Cosplay make-up is a miraculous thing, capable of a miracle, of a man like a woman. As a well-known Coser, make-up relief techniques is very surprising is evident from his works.

For pseudo-bitch, the most embarrassing thing is what? Bump, said the most embarrassing, and probably go to the bathroom. In the inner hall of men to see a beautiful, everyone will be surprised of it. “So when a pseudo-mother rarely go to the bathroom ha ha ha,” the concave and convex side of the smile on one side said.

However, for pseudo-mother Coser bumping into the deepest impression is probably another embarrassing experience. A Man Show, a cute little Lolita came to ask the big sister can photos? Bump nodded with the request, took it by the skirt. Bump just after quietly saying little Lolita is not an older sister Oh, call my older brother. Lolita’s results were stunned for a moment, suddenly burst into tears. It dealt a severe blow to the bump, which frightened children, and even pseudo-mother a little doubt cast behavior. I did not expect the next day the little Lolita come into their own photo, also said the impact of yesterday, I did not think it was so beautiful, even the boys. It finally has a happy ending, even the pleasure of making a boast for a long time, even more determined to persist in the pseudo-mother on road safety.

Last interview, bump, more tolerant understanding of this behavior of the pseudo-mother, accept the Cosplay such performance in the form, it is recommended that you love the Cosplay games cover contest currently underway, a lot of understanding of the Cosplay, so that everyone can feel Cosplay with everyone’s pleasure!