You are the star of “Love Game” the CosPlay cover contest today to open

Abstract: The the CosPlay cover contest organized by the China Telecom “Love Games” in the first quarter officially kicked off the competition is committed to building an all the CosPlay fans to participate, share the happiness of the grand game.

June 12 organized by the nation’s top mobile gaming platform – China Telecom “love game” the CosPlay cover contest in the first quarter kicked off Competition is committed to building a let all the the CosPlay fans to participate, to share the happy grand game. “Love game” will strive to achieve the biggest dream of Coser’s extremely generous prizes, and to prepare for the players participating in the contest.

“Let everyone together to share their happiness, and this is the greatest joy!” China Telecom “love game” CosPlay cover the door of the first quarter of the contest starting today, the majority of the the Coser will get a full display of self-stage. “Love the game the” CosPlay cover contest is not the time and location constraints, the use of the camera the beautiful moments freeze into a timeless classic, which will help Coser show more perfect works of Cos.

The competition is intended to promote the China the CosPlay industry, and actively to create animation, games, image, universal set of professional, artistic characteristics, participation, and entertainment in one of the CosPlay Competition to attract public and media with concern CosPlay promote the the CosPlay economic ideas, discover the CosPlay talent, but also to allow more the CosPlay fans can show their own unique charm.

At the same time, the game of love across the country to invite well-known coser of the top ten cities of Beijing, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Chongqing, Wuhan, Xi’an, Xiamen, Shanghai City Ambassadors play of the event, they will be all the way along with all The contestants have to work together, move forward toward the dream stage. And Ambassador has arrived in several cities with the love of the game CosPlay national tour promotion, and their fans close contact common to build his dream for CosPlay career development!

In order to give the CosPlay fans the biggest surprise, and encouraging, after the end of the cover contest, selected Societies, COSER, will have the opportunity to participate in the second quarter of the second half of the year. Love the game will prepare professional space, equipment, lighting, participate in the performance of societies, Coser tailor an exclusive stage, so all the lights only shine for you!

Waiting for? Join us, you are the star!…