Marvel Superhero original costume design exposure! The concept of the US team is more handsome than now?

You may not know that before the filming, the costume team behind the scenes will spend a lot of thought on designing the characters’ shapes, not only for the actors to wear them but also the team must consider the movie plot, timeline, role. Personality‚Ķ..etc. It may be a dozen versions of a set of clothes.

Marvel Comics Original clothing

Recently, Marvel’s clothing design Ryan Meinerding released the original costume concept of many heroes. Is the original version better? Or is it better now? Come and compare it~

“Thunder Soul: The Twilight of the Gods”

Marvel Comics Original clothing

It turns out that Raytheon was originally purple-colored, but it looks like some demon temperament. It is better to use iron-colored armor and red cloak. It looks like blood and justice!

Marvel Comics Original clothing

Although Loki did not wear a helmet in the positive film, in the flashing notice, we can still see Rocky’s helmet changed from the original “full cover” to “half cover”, let him Sexy fake curly hair can fly in the air.

As for the revision of the clothing, it is mostly. The first design of the clothing makes Loki seem to be a bit thick and luxurious~

Marvel Comics Original clothing

In the design of the female Valkyrie designed by Ryan, there are a lot of accessories, which are belts, gloves, belts on the shoulders, and there are several white paints on the face. However, according to the personality of the Valkyrie in the movie, she should be lazy to equip it for so long before going out.

However, Ryan himself said: “Although I am not the stylist responsible for Valkyrie, they finally retained the concept of white paint on the face of Valkyrie, which enriched her overall design.”

Captain America: Heroic Civil War

Marvel Comics Original clothing

So many generations of spiders, although the color and subject are similar, how to make a unique design in it, so that readers don’t confuse, Spider-Man’s design team has spent a lot of thoughts~

Can you see the difference between the final version and the original version above?

The Avengers 2: The Age of Ultron

Marvel Comics Original clothing

The original shape of the illusion is much worse now. The silver-gold that Ryan designed at the beginning is the hope that the illusion can maintain the “robot” feeling, but then the director hopes to make the character “humanized” again, so the subsequent revision In the middle, only the dark green and red were added.

Captain America: Rescuing Winter Soldiers

Marvel Comics Original clothing

This edition is a design that Ryan still doesn’t know when Captain America is Chris Ivan.

Marvel Comics Original clothing

In the original design, because Captain America was a symbol of the United States, Ryan helped Captain America wear a blue leather jacket with a white star and khaki pants. But then considering the relationship between the environment (in war), the director felt that this blue coat was too awkward and too gorgeous.

In the later period, the captain of the Captain America was changed into a brown leather jacket, and even some scarred seams were added. Take a closer look, even the helmet, shield, and pants design has been revised several times!

I don’t know which version of Captain America you like?

Marvel Comics Original clothing

In addition to participating in the first episode of the US captain’s costume design, Ryan also designed a set of costumes for the captain of the United States to sneak into the undercover in “Captain America 3: Heroic Civil War.” The thick fabric and the captain’s sturdy figure made him look very tall and straight.

But fans who have seen the movie know that this scene does not appear in the film, so this costume has no chance for everyone to see ~

Iron Man 2

Marvel Comics Original clothing

The black widow’s debut appearance on “Steel Man 2”! The same tights, but the original version of the dress has more lines and belts. Which one do you think is more sexy?

I did not expect that in the film formation process, in addition to the script, acting must be pondered, even the most subtle clothing design can not be sloppy, such as the captain of the US captain, the color of the clothes on the body, the line of the belt, any factor will affect the audience’s perception of the role .