Resident Evil Costume Ideas for the Game Cosplay

Resident Evil is the first-person shooter game and known by exclusive activities of the zombies and monstrous creatures.  An increased popularity of this game plays a vital role behind the development of further game projects, novels, and movies with the same theme. An action horror science fiction film series Resident Evil is loosely based on […]

Marvel: Classic Cosplay, widow sister is more beautiful than this person, but Spider-Man is average!

Everyone knows that the heroes in the Marvel universe are all from comics. Since it is a character in a comic, it is natural that there will be countless fans to imitate it, called “Cosplay”. And the author found that some fans of Cosplay are more interesting, now follow the editor to take a look! […]

Where can i get a good wonder woman cosplay costume?

Wonder woman costumes are common as like batman and super costumes, when it comes to the costume parties, conferences you need to choose the perfect cosplay costume to have an exact look. No wonder because the three of the characters are most popular superhero of the mainstays in DC comic universe. These are the rock […]

Deadpool is expected to appear in Marvel in advance, no longer waiting for “Deadpool 3”!

This is a long process, and it sounds like a Deadpool has finally joined the Marvel movie universe. According to reliable news, the Deadpool will debut in a Marvel movie in 2021! Before March of this year, whether it was Deadpool, Wolverine or X-Men, the copyright of these characters was owned by Fox Pictures, not […]

Invites you to Fun cartoon Star City

The summer vacation came to the annual Changsha International Anime Game Show! July 6, 2019 Changsha International Animation Game Show will be held in Hunan Province Exhibition Center. It is reported that the exhibition gathered a number of outstanding community to showcase their latest original animation work. Unique animation and creative market, the first universities […]